Prairie's Miss Molly

Registration Number: ALAA-045324

Coat and Colour: Fleece coat with Chocolate, Cafe' turned Parchment/Lavendar

Size: Smaller-Medium, 17 inches, 28 pounds

The leading lady who started it all, Prairie's Miss Molly! Her coat has been the most beautiful thing about her, as she started out a gorgeous, yummy chocolate and has turned every coat colour possible in the last year and is now oh so stunning. She know's she is gorgeous too, as she prances around confidently most of the time. She has been a go-getter since the beginning. Her obedience trainer said she would be a working dog and her favourite career is chasing balls! She loves to run around the yard a few times and play catch, though she doesn't like to bring the ball back most of the time! She is in it for the chase. She loves to jump into bed with anyone in the house first thing in the morning for a nice morning cuddle session and then she is off being her silly self for the remainder of the day! Her recent fascination is trying to get to know the dogs from the movie, 'Secret Life of Pets' by pawing at the television when the grandkids are watching. We can't wait to see the fun-loving, light spirited puppies that Miss Molly brings to the Australian Labradoodle line. 


Health Testing Results
OFA Hips: Excellent  Elbows: Negative  PRA: Clear EIC: Clear vWD: Clear CAER: Normal

DM: Carrier  OFA Eyes: Negative

Prairie's Miss Ruby

Registration Number: ALAA-055062

Coat and Colour: Fleece coat with Parti

Size: Medium, 18inches, 30 pounds

This gorgeous girl is our Parti gal from Prairie Doodles and we couldn't be more happy with her! She is a lot of fun and super loyal to the Vander Doodles family! Though a little shy at times, she warms up fast and is down to cuddle at any time of day! 

Health Testing Results
OFA Hips: Good  ElbowsNormal PRA: Clear EIC: Carrier vWD: Clear CAER: Normal


Prairie's Miss Ginger

Registration Number: ALAA-059798

Coat and Colour: Fleece coat, Red with White Markings

Size: Medium, 18inches, 30 pounds

This little lady is passing her health testing with flying colours so far and we can't wait to welcome her to our breeding program this year! She is red with subtle white markings and just a little life lover and who makes us all smile here in the Vander Doodle family! She is from Ember and Molesley of Prairie Doodles and can you tell we love Prairie Doodle's lines yet? =] 


Health Testing Results
OFA Hips: Good  ElbowsNormal PRA: Clear EIC: Carrier vWD: Clear CAER: Normal DM: Clear OFA EYE: Negative