Meet irene Kolb

I’ve always had a passion for caring for others. After raising my three adult babies who have gone on to give us eight gorgeous grandchildren and after a successful career as a nurse, I developed a strong passion for fostering to aboriginal children in need and decided to retire from nursing to focus on the children full-time. This being the one of the greatest choices of my life, I have been so blessed to have spent the last 20 years working towards providing a whole-hearted family environment and long-term care to children in a loving home! And since, I’ve grown a bigger family and have made even more love to offer the world. As our youngest children are embarking in new adventures in their late teen years and of course, because family can never be too big, we’ve decided to begin spreading our love of the Labradoodles to the world and that’s where the Vander Doodles concept was born. So we welcome you to our family! 


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