How We Got Started


Vander Doodles is excited about the new beginnings that being one of the newest members of the Australian Labradoodle breeding family will bring!

Located on an acre in South-Central, Alberta, we are a family-operated breeder raising gorgeous Australian Labradoodle’s in our home in Olds, just outside of Calgary!



As you may know, it takes a village to raise a family (even a family of puppies), so our little village here works towards providing excellent care and love to each and every puppy. We specialize in ensuring the consistent care and healthy early development of our Labradoodle puppies, from the beginning of their furry little lives to the day you take them home to raise them in your own little village. This means that we are hands-on in every milestone they have and work to shape their early neurological stimulation and socialization development to create a well-rounded, socialized, and confident puppy.

We’ve spent the last year and a half mentoring with the amazing local breeding community, exploring various theories in early development, and even purchased our first girl, Miss Molly from Prairie Doodles, in preparation of starting our families newest chapter in life, raising healthy Australian Labradoodles.

We thank you for stopping in to read about our story and our start  at Vander Doodles and can't wait to chat with you about your newest adventure in hunting for the perfect puppy!