This is our local grooming spa for our Miss Molly and Miss Ruby. They love her and we love her because our dogs always come out gorgeous. If you are in the Olds area or close, you have to see what she can do with your dog's do. 


We proudly claim a friendship with Gail of Prairie Doodles and recommend Prairie Doodles to anyone. She has really helped us grow in our journey and fully welcomed us to the breeding community of Australian Labradoodles and we look forward to all the mentoring she continues to offer to help us be our best.

Evelyn's Pet Bandanas

We love the bandana's that come from Evelyn! She does such a great job and sends in beautiful bandana's for our doggies and puppies to wear. We love how fast she is as well. If you are looking to style your dog for any occasion or for just any day, you have to go see Evelyn! 


Professional Breeder Affiliations

As we are just beginning our journey, we are slowly developing our professional relationships with various programs. 


ALAA Certified Breeder

We are proud to officially be ALAA breeder membership, which is an exclusive membership for reputable breeders following a code of ethics and completing extensive health testing on each and every dog we breed with! 

TLC Breeder Program

This membership allows us to offer deals to our clients and their food and treats are wonderful. Follow the link below to order some puppy food or treats and to receive $5 off! 


Thanks so much for stopping by to spend time with the Vander Doodles! We hope we have made your labradoodle puppy search a little easier. If you have anymore questions, we are here for you


AVIDOG Associate

Science tells us that the dogs we choose to breed, the care and nutrition we give these parents and how puppies are raised until they go to their new homes sets the stage for a dog’s lifetime health and temperament.  Avidog Associate Breeders have publicly committed to using scientifically sound methods, along with a lot of love and kisses, to raise their puppies.


Trupanion Breeder Program

This program is wonderful as it allows us to offer you 30 days free pet insurance from the day you pick-up puppy. So you are covered when you walk out of our door and into yours.