Miss Molly at Vander Doodles and Molesley at Prairie Doodles 


ONE SPOT AVAILABLE AS OF 12/05/2017 - We won't know which puppy that is until they are 7 weeks of age and are temperament tested, per our allocation process! Apply below if you are interested in this litter! 

Puppies born november 21st and go home Mid-january! 

This duo created such nice puppies their last litter, we just had to repeat it again! We can't wait to see these two together again and their puppies! Last round they produced some beautiful puppies that were medium sized and varied in colours from black to apricots with white markings. They  will be heading home late January 2017! Check out our testimonials at the bottom of the page to see their previous Spring 2017 litter! And check out the blog to see the puppies from this current litter!