Puppy Cost

 The price of a puppy is $3,000 and we require a $500 non-refundable deposit (refundable at our discretion in special cases) to reserve a spot on our waitlist for a litter.


What do you get with one of our puppies?

  • Early Spay/Neuter of your puppy, along with first round of vaccinations, well check, and a vet record

  • 30 Day's Free with Trupanion Pet Insurance

  • Microchip

  • Two year health guarantee

  • A pedigree

  • Introduction to Crate Training

  • Litter Box Trained (We use wood pellets from UFA)

  • A sample of TLC puppy food

  • Their first puppy collar

  • Regular updates of your puppies biggest steps from birth until they meet you

  • On-going support of Vander Doodles

  • A toy that smells like their mom and litter to help with initial separation

  • Our online resources to help you prepare for the exciting journey of owning a puppy!

  • Health testing of the parents and the parents, parents, and so on to give your puppy the best shot at a healthy life

  • Our growing knowledge and utilization of the Avidog Program and Early-Neuro Stimulation and Socialization starting from birth!

  • As we continue to grow and learn, we will be adding more along the way!


  1. You complete the application for a Vander Doodle puppy, so we can learn more about you and your family

  2. Once approved, we then respond within a few days and chat with you further about upcoming litters that may have what you are looking for in a puppy.

  3. Once you have decided on a litter plan you are sure about, we require you to secure your name on that litter list with a $500 deposit, that is deducted from total cost of puppy.

  4. Then the wait begins! If you are on a litter list with puppies already born, we will update you regularly on their big steps. If you are on an upcoming litter list, we will update you once those puppies have arrived to ensure you are still interested in being on that litter list, and then we would update you regularly on their big steps.

  5. When puppies are about seven weeks of age, we perform a temperament test utilizing Avidog's APET, and then we would allocate puppies to your family, based on their temperament's fitting well with your family's lifestyle and vibes.

  6. If you are happy with our selection for your family, you would be required to make the final puppy payment of $2,500 to Vander Doodles. *If you decided you weren't happy with our selection, we would chat about the next steps at that point*

  7. Puppies are ready for take-home no earlier than 8 weeks of age and we will coordinate that date with you once the puppies are born. Then you take your puppy home to their forever family and you live happily ever after with the recommended puppy obedience training, of course!

 Do you have more questions about the Vander Doodle adoption process?


Miss molly and irene attend her first health testing appointment! She passed!

Miss molly and irene attend her first health testing appointment! She passed!

Health Testing on their parents

We perform extensive health testing on all of our dogs prior to breeding them, to ensure the longest, healthiest life possible for our Labradoodles! Our goal is to become a ALAA Breeder Members and ALAA Gold Paw Members by following their health testing standards broken down for you below, as we continue to grow our paw print's in the breeding family.

CERF stands for Canine Eye Registration Foundation and contains a wealth of information regarding heritable eye diseases. The CERF exam is performed by a veterinary ophthalmologist (this test is repeated every 18 months). 

PRA-prcd, Progressive Retinal Atrophy rod-cone disorder,  a degenerative eye disease that causes blindness.                              

DM, Degenerative Myelopathy, a progressive disease of the spinal cord that causes paralysis.                                                        

EIC, Exercise Induced Collapse, can cause death.                                                                                                                                    

OFA and/or PennHip: This is a series of specialized X-Rays to determine the presence of, or likelihood of developing dysplasia or osteoarthritis in the hips, elbows or patella.

*There are no current preventative health tests for Addison's or cancers.*

We are Avidog Associates

We attended the Avidog training seminars last year and fell in love and since we have been accepted as an Avidog Breeder Associate.

When you choose to get a puppy from an Avidog Associate Breeder you know you have chosen someone who has agreed that they will focus on making each and every puppy the best it can be, whether it will be a competition dog, working dog or a family pet.

They will carefully select their puppies’ parents, focusing heavily on the mom and dad’s health and temperament

Take special care of their dog moms prior to and during pregnancy to help their puppies handle stress better, by providing optimal nutrition, keeping them in excellent physical condition, providing enrichment to their daily lives, and limiting their stress. They will also provide neonatal care that will set the foundation for their puppies’ lifetime health and temperament. They will create an enriching environment for their pups, from three weeks of age until they go home, in order to develop their brains and bodies. They will intensely socialize their pups, being sure they meet a minimum of 50 different people before they go to their new homes. And they will create developmental opportunities for their puppies that will set them up for a lifetime of engagement with people and send their puppies home no earlier than 8 weeks of age. 


Early Neuro-Stimulation and socialization

This program was developed to work with early neurological stimulation in order to give the dog a superior advantage. Its development utilized six exercises which were designed to stimulate the neurological system. Each workout involved handling puppies once each day. The workouts required handling them one at a time while performing a series of five exercises. Listed in order of preference, the handler starts with one pup and stimulates it using each of the five exercises. The handler completes the series from beginning to end before starting with the next pup. The handling of each pup once per day involves the following exercises:

  1. Tactical stimulation (between toes)

  2. Head held erect

  3. Head pointed down

  4. Supine position

  5. Thermal stimulation

These exercises impact the neurological system by kicking it into action earlier than would be normally expected, the result being an increased capacity that later will help to make the difference in its performance. Those who play with their pups and routinely handle them should continue to do so because the neurological exercises are not substitutions for routine handling, play socialization or bonding.

Socialization studies confirm that one of the critical periods for humans (infant) to be stimulated are generally between three weeks and twelve months of age. For canines the period is shorter, between the fourth and sixteenth weeks of age. The lack of adequate social stimulation, such as handling, mothering and contact with others, adversely affects social and psychological development in both humans and animals. In humans, the absence of love and cuddling increases the risk of an aloof, distant, asocial or sociopathic individual. To learn more in depth information on this study and method, check it out here.

Early Spay and Neuter

We do perform Early Spay and Neuter on our puppies. We have chatted with respectable veterinarians, who agree with the benefits of performing the surgery early and how it can help alleviate certain behavioural issues. There is also little studies performed on our breed that would indicate the cons outweigh the benefits.